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Prinack: In the Bathroom :iconsplashpointparabox:SplashpointParabox 17 4
Prinack: New Year Party
Prinack: New Year Party
Princess Morbucks admired herself in her mirror, twirling her golden weave dress that she ordered for just this occasion. The pearls on her necklace were radiant in their shine, as were the diamond ring on her finger, and her crystal tiara. She had tied her hair up in a ponytail so that she could move more freely, and had put on high heels.
"Well, don't you look gorgeous," Princess said to her reflection, "You are going to steal the show! Weather they want you to or not!"
The rich girl had said the last part with a hint of menace and evil.
It was almost New Years, and King Morbucks, Princess' Father, was hosting Townsville's annual New Year Ball. Where she would normally be as disinterested as humanly possible, this year was different, Princess planed to not only show off how much better her dress would inevitably be, but she would also show off her boyfriend to her most hated enemies, the Powerpuff Girls. She was absolutely giddy with anticipation.
She was abou
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Prinack: She took your WHAT?!?!
She took your WHAT?!?!
Authors note; this takes place before "Interrupted Tension." But, enough about this, on with the show!
Spicer residence, 5:38 P.M.
"I can't believe you did that to me," Jack groaned, pulling his boxers back up. "Hmph. You just don"t want to admit that I was right," replied Princess, re-connecting the straps on her bra. "Whatever," Jack muttered, looking away. He hated to admit it, but she WAS right; What they'd just done was amazing beyond belief. Jack could feel his face go redder than his hair, so he quickly began to put his shirt back on to hide his blushing.
"We're gonna have to do this again, Jackie," Princess giggled, pulling up her panties at an agonizingly slow pace. "For the love of all evil, stop teasing me, Princess!" Jack moaned. "Awwww," Princess mock-whined, pulling her yellow shirt back on. Jack was looking for his socks, when a loud voice boomed outside his door. "Jack Spicer!" came the unmistakable voice of Omi, "We have come to take back our She
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Prinack: Interrupted Tension
The city of Townsville! It's a beautiful day, and everyone's happy! Everyone, that is, except Princess Morbucks...
Princess: *Fume* Where the hell is Jack?! He said he was taking me to lunch at noon! It's three O' freakin Clock!! No one makes Princess Morbucks wait! Not even her Jackie! When I get my hands on him, I'll-
Jack: *Bursts into her mansion* Gottahidegottahidegottahidegottahide!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack was panting hard, drenched in sweat, and, from the look of things, in one HELL of a mess, doubly so, considering the large amount of Shen-gon-wu he had stolen.
Jack was running through Morbucks manor like a man on fire, oblivious to both his lungs, and where and how fast he was going.
Princess: There's that lying, backstabbing, pale little geek! JACK!!! You are in big trou-OOF!!!
Jack, in his panic, had run straight into Princess, knocking themselves to the ground, and scattering the wu everywhere. As the two evil redheads gathered themselves, Prin
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